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My Review of Knowledge Turbo Fan OTG

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Knowledge Turbo Fan OTG The Smith Regulator Knowledge OTG Ski and Snowboard Goggle is an Over the Glasses goggle with a patented adjustable ventilation system allows the wearer to increase or reduce airflow and ultimately control the humidity inside the goggle to reduce fogging. All Regulator lense...

Finally, real fog relief in an OTG

By GK at the Jane from Winter Park, Colorado on 5/5/2008


4out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Pros: Two speed fan, Works as advertised, Different lenses availabl

Cons: No polarized lenses, Clasp broke, Gaper gap with helmet

Best Uses: All conditions, Everyday riding

Describe Yourself: Collegiate/Pro

Gear Usage: Snowboard Instruction, Winter Sports

Everyone who wears glasses knows what a pain it can be to wear goggles. Either the goggles fog up or your glasses do. I’ve tried several different OTG goggle brands. I’ve got the answer for you!

I bought these goggles three years ago in a desperate attempt to actually see where I was going. A friend had recommended them so I thought I would give them a chance. I ordered them online and they arrived in a few days. I tried them immediately.

These goggles are fantastic. They use a AAA battery that drives a 2 speed fan located on top of the goggle frame. Low speed can be used in ordinary riding, the high speed setting is useful when doing highly aerobic riding and you need that extra venting. On high speed, the fog disappears quickly. You can order replacement lenses or different types of lenses on-line. I really like the sensor mirror lense in low light/flat light settings. I’d recommend getting a lense for bright light too.

Since it uses a small battery, it’s no big deal to carry a spare in a pocket. A battery lasts about a week of daily use. It depends on useage.

My equipment gets a workout over the season. I ride about 50-60 days/season. I use these goggles everyday that I ride. I highly recommend them if you wear glasses.

Negatives: The fan sits on top of the goggle frame so you need the gaper gap between the goggles and helmet in order for them to function. The quick clasp in back broke after one season. This season I had a short develop and discovered that a wire had broken between the fan and battery pack. I did a wire splice and was back in business. They do come with a Lifetime warranty. They are expensive but worth it if you want to see.

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