Friday, January 6, 2012

The most awesome snowboard stomp pad

Hate wiping out getting off the chairlift on your snowboard? Me too. That's why I, and several other snowboard instructors have agreed that one snowboard pad is hands down the most awesome snowboard pad one can have.

And the winner is the Dakine Spike Stomp Pad. For a mere $10 one can look like a professional snowboarder when exiting the top of Chair 2 at Loveland Ski Resort in Colorado. For those of you who know that ramp - one can conquer that ramp in icy conditions with this stomp pad.

Oh, and don't cut it up into strips when mounting it onto your board. Install it as one unit a few inches in front of your back snowboard binding.

Don't know how to mount a snowboard stomp pad?

I wrote up some installation directions. Don't skip any steps and it won't come off until you rip it off the board.

How to attach a stomp pad to a snowboard
How to install a snowboard stomp pad

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