Monday, January 9, 2012

Things that don't belong in ski or snowboard boots

I've seen some crazy things over the years. So I thought I would make a list of things never to put in ski boots or snowboard boots. There are a few other newbie things to be aware of too.

Ski pants - do not ever stick your ski pants, pants, or blue jeans into your boots. That means don't tuck your pants inside your boots. They belong outside and over the boot. You'll have excruciating pain in your shin if the pants are inside the boot. Snow and other moisture can get into the boot too.

Two pairs of socks - Ski or snowboard boots do not fit properly if one needs two pairs of socks. In addition, they will cut off the blood circulation to your feet and they will get cold. If you need more than one pair - go see a bootfitter.

Shoes - Yes, I've seen people put their feet with shoes on them into ski boots. Ski boots are meant to be worn with one pair of socks - period. Take the shoes off and put them into a locker.

Tie your snowboard boot laces all the way up. And make them snug too. The laces on snowboard boots are meant to be used for every hole and hook on the boot. Don't tie them off in a big knot at the ankle. Lace them up and give your feet and ankles some support. You'll be more in control of your snowboard this way.

Put the boots on the correct feet. On ski boots the buckles will clamp down to the outside of the boots. If you have to clamp the buckles down to the inside of the boots, they are probably on the wrong feet. They'll hurt like hell too.

Check for stray objects. I heard about one guy who complained about racking foot pain in one ski school class. After taking the boot off, he found a spark plug in the boot. The garage generally isn't a good place to store ski boots anyway.

There's a learning curve with every new sport. You'll now be ahead of everyone else in your ski school group.

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