Monday, January 9, 2012

What's easier - skiing or snowboarding?

I get asked all the time which is easier - skiing or snowboarding? This is usually asked by people who are from warm weather states, those who aren't really very athletic, those not in shape, or those not interested in falling alot when learning.

The answer? Neither. Skibiking on a skibob is easier than skiing or snowboarding. If you can ride a bicycle, a competent skibike instructor can teach anyone to ride a skibob in four turns. They are that easy. No falling required -really!

Those who have blown knees, back pain, little leg strength, physical limitations due to disease or injury, are overweight, or morbidly obese couch potatoes can be cruising down green runs in one run on a skibob. They are affectionately known as 'grandma bikes' in Europe for a reason.

Just put your chin on your shoulder, turn the handlebars, and lean in the direction you're turning. Start out on gentle terrain and use big wide turns. It's hard not to be making linked turns in 100 yards.

There's no need to work up a sweat learning to ski or snowboard anymore. Sore muscles and joints are a thing of the past too.

More ski resorts are becoming skibike friendly around the country. See if one is near you. There's no reason for the entire family not to be out on the ski slopes.

One note: Don't confuse a skibob with more technical peg skibikes. A peg skibike will probably take 3 hours under competent instruction to get the basics of turning and stopping down. Rentals will usually require a mandatory lesson or skibike license.

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