Friday, January 6, 2012

Why wax your snowboard

Waxing the bottom of a snowboard is basic maintenance that needs to be done. Snowboard wax is pretty cheap and it's really easy to apply.

The wax helps your snowboard glide on the flats, helps with smoother turning, and adds some protection to the base of the board. Use the wrong snowboard wax and you could be sticking to the snow like glue.

If you find ice crystals sticking to the bottom of board and you can't get the board to move forward, it could be time to wax. It might also be a sign that your board was warm and it got placed on cold snow before it had time to cool down to the outside temperature.

If the base looks white - definitely time for a wax job. Run a fingernail down the base. If wax doesn't come up - time to pull out the snowboard wax, wax iron, and snowboard scraper.

I've written some guides to make things even simpler.

How to hot wax your snowboard

Buyer's guide to snowboard wax

How to wax a snowboard

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