Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snowboard boot arch and foot pain

Having foot pain in your snowboard boots is a common reason why people quit snowboarding.  Who likes to be in pain all day?  It isn't fun.

A common cause for snowboard boot pain is lack of proper support for the foot.  Feet come in different lengths, widths, arch height, and shapes.  Stock snowboard boot insoles can rarely accommodate all types.

People that seem to experience the most foot pain while snowboarding are those with high arches.  If they aren't supported, you'll experience foot pain.  If one wears custom orthotics in ski boots, you'll need them in snowboard boots too.

Before shelling out the cash for expensive orthotics, see if some of the other insole products out there will relieve your foot pain.  A few like Aline will also realign the lower legs when fitted properly.

Other arch support insoles for snowboard boots include Superfeet, Down Unders, and Shred Soles.  If you can't find these in your local snowboard shop, one can often find other great options offered online.  These include Sof Sole insole products.

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